the whole child

The whole child

Getting to the root of issues using a whole child approach

If you are you dealing with a picky eater or child with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intact Disorder) there is hope!


Melanie grew up in a Russian-English speaking home as her family immigrated here from Uzbekistan. Melanie received her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Communication Disorders from the University of Connecticut and her graduate degree in Speech Pathology from Teachers College at Columbia University. Melanie has worked as a Pediatric Speech Pathologist for 16 years’ experience in the homecare, community, school, and clinic settings working with children from birth to high school.

Melanie specializes in Apraxia of Speech, Bilingual Spanish Speech Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and Myo-functional Therapy. Melanie enjoys working with families holistically and is a strong advocate for children’s needs. As she is integrative, Melanie uses her foundation in herbalism, energy work, and health coaching interwoven within her therapy sessions. In her spare time, you may find her doing yoga, meditating, hiking, singing, traveling, gardening, making medicine, or cooking delicious healthy food!

From picky eater to food explorer

picky eater To food explorer

  • Is mealtime stressful?

  • Are you sick and tired of your child refusing foods?

  • Are you worried your child won't grow and get proper nutrients to function their best which will lead to health issues in the future?

  • Have you been told they will grow out of it but continue to have doubts or concerns and want support to get your child eating right

This 1 hour class is full of information for all those caregivers dealing with Picky Eating! If you are looking for resources, strategies, and solutions for turning your picky eater into a food explorer, Melanie will be your expert guide!

The first thing to know is you are not alone, that's why Melanie created this class! We need a variety of foods for proper brain functioning! NOW is the time to fix this. If you wait it will be harder and your child may develop further behavioral, nutritional, and mental health issues which could cost you a fortune in the future. The younger the easier to change habits!


planting flowers, working on language, sequencing, and integrating the sensory system

planting flowers, working on language, sequencing, and integrating the sensory system

Making an edible flower. Working on eating new foods, sequencing, and retelling

"I loved the picky eater class. It was complete with information. Melanie explained it well and it had a lot of information about kids who have difficulty eating. Melanie is our daughter's speech therapist. My daughter loves being in therapy with Melanie. Thank you Melanie!"

Maribel, Hillsborough NC

Tantrums and Meltdowns: Resource Library and 12-week Intensive

Melanie has partnered with Applied Behavioral Happiness, a Holistic ABA Company based out of Wake Forest to provide parents with education and resources for dealing with behavioral challenges. This 12 week intensive includes guest speakers and resources to manage behaviors, move past trauma, grief, loss, build confidence, cope with anxiety, mood disorders, podcasts with top tips, books, plus individualized and group support!

Melanie is a guest speaker offering support for parents on being a nutrition detective to determine if food is impacting behavior and causing reactions. She will explain the difference between natural vs. artificial food dyes and their impact on behavior as well.

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