About Me

I help women with digestive issues create balance and harmony in the body, tap into the body’s inherent wisdom and ability to digest foods, empowering them to lead fearless, joyful, and confident lives

In 2007 I was diagnosed with IBS and so began my journey of restrictive dieting, supplements galore, and going from doctor to doctor and nutritionist to healers of all kinds to help me. But really my issues started well before 2007. As a child I had constant rashes, immune issues, and developed insomnia in high school which grew to me dangerously not sleeping through college to the point of hallucinating. I have much better sleep now and continue to improve with my health.

What I have learned from my journey has led me to my Core Beliefs. Although eliminating foods would result in less symptoms I realized that it wasn’t getting to the core or root of my issues. My digestive issues weren’t going away. Could there be something spiritual or karmic that wasn’t allowing me to let go of my issues? What was the real issue here? I have come to realize that being a perfectionist, highly driven, work and goal oriented, self-critical, constantly going, anxious, negative thinker, and guilt and shame driven were my real root causes and the journey to change my mind-set, change my relationship with myself and with food has been leading me towards true healing and inner peace.

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© 2020 by Root 2 Rise Wellness LLC. All rights reserved

© 2020 by Root 2 Rise Wellness LLC. All rights reserved